Solo Drumming Library

    G3/G4 Solo Drum Settings (2/4 Marches)
  1. 79th Farewell to Girbraltar (Buzz Brown) - Snare

  2. Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering (Reid Maxwell) - Snare - Snare mp3

  3. The Taking of Beaumont Hamel (M Postma) - Snare

  4. Haughs of Cromdale (Buzz Brown) - Snare

  5. The Hills of Perth (elementary) (Tom & Gordon Brown) - Snare

  6. The Hills of Perth (intermediate) (Tom & Gordon Brown) - Snare

  7. The Siege of Delhi (Buzz Brown) - Snare

  8. Willie Grey's Farewell to the Glasgow Police (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

    G3/G4 Solo Drum Settings (6/8 Marches)
  1. Angus MacKinnon (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  2. Captain Craig Brown (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  3. Dovecote Park (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  4. Dr. Ross's 50th Anniversary (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  5. Duncan MacGillavray Chief Steward (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  6. Kenneth J. MacLeod (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  7. Rab's Wedding (Duncan Millar) - Snare

    G1/G2 Solo Drum Settings (2/4 Marches)
  1. A.E. Cameron of Aldourie (James Boyle) - Snare

  2. The Argyllshire Gathering (Andre Tessier) - Snare

  3. Balmoral Highlanders (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  4. Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban(Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  5. Jimmy Young (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  6. John MacDonald of Glencoe (LA Police)- Snare

  7. Kantara to el Arish (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  8. Lord Alexander Kennedy (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  9. Miss Elspeth Campbell (Ian MacMillan)- Snare

  10. Mrs. John MacColl (LAPD)- Snare

  11. Thomas MacAllister (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  12. Tom Wilson (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  13. Willie Grey's Farewell to the Glasgow Police (Duncan Millar)- Snare

    G1/G2 Solo Drum Settings (Straths)
  1. Cabar Feidh (M. Postma)- Snare

  2. The Caledonian Canal (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  3. The Caledonian Society of London (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  4. Captain Colin Campbell (M. Postma)- Snare - Tenor

  5. Dora MacLeod (Andre Tessier)- Snare

  6. Dora MacLeod (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  7. Dornie Ferry (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  8. Dorritor Bridge (M. Postma)- Snare

  9. The Ewe with the Crooked Horn (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  10. Inverrary Castle (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  11. Maggie Cameron (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  12. Struan Robbertson (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  13. Susan MacLeod (LAPB)- Snare

  14. Susan MacLeod (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

    G1/G2 Solo Drum Settings (Reels)
  1. Alick C. MacGregor(Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  2. Ca'the Ewes(Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  3. Dolina MacKay(Alex Duthart)- Snare

  4. Fiona MacLeod (Duncan Millar)- Snare- Tenor

  5. Jock Wilson's Ball(M Postma)- Snare>- Tenor

  6. John MacKechnie(Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  7. John Morrison of Assynt House(Andre Tessier)- Snare

  8. John Morrison of Assynt House(Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  9. Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree (Reid Maxwell) - Snare

  10. Lexy McAskill (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  11. The Little Cascade (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  12. Loch Carron (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  13. Major David Manson (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  14. Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran (Reid Maxwell)- Snare

  15. Scorrybreck Falls (Reid Maxwell)- Snare